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The best ideas come from informal conversations between friends, colleagues, and peers. This collaboration can make us stronger to overcome the multiple challenges that we face as freelancers. That is why we included time for collaborative sessions on our agenda. This will be our space to share skills, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Don’t be shy. Send us your ideas and, if they are among the best, we will make sure to include them in the programme of the event.

Before sending your idea, keep in mind that you have to apply for a seat at the Assembly. More info here.

How do the collaborative sessions work?

Collaborative sessions are proposed by the participants of the Assembly through the form below. The selected ideas will be part of our programme, and the sessions will be facilitated by the person or team of people who proposed them.

One collaborative session has a duration of 60 - 70 minutes and should include hands-on exercises such as games, small-group dynamics, role-playing, practical work, among others. All the innovative ideas are welcome, and we’re happy to support facilitators in the design of the sessions.

What topic can be good for a collab session?

Sessions should explore topics, questions, challenges, ideas that help freelance journalists improve their daily work. Sessions that generate opportunities to learn about new tools, skills, techniques and develop new ways to collaborate are everyone’s favourites.

Here is an example. If you’ve been struggling to place one story in multiple publications but recently found some good strategies to do it, we are sure that all freelancers at the event would love to hear about your experience and solutions.

Topics could include, for example:

  • How my latest story became a hit on Instagram
  • Keep safe! Let’s create a security toolbox for field trips.
  • Tackling the ethical challenges related to the sources.
  • Visas & fixers: reporting from foreign ground
  • Making the most of crowdfunding tools to finance projects
  • A list of simple and free tools to understand and visualise data
  • I’m my own brand and my blog is my showcase
  • How to cross border collaboration can help increase your income
  • Ten tips to make your pitch shine with the publishers
  • Breath-in/ breath out: How yoga has helped my work as a freelancer.

What does a session facilitator do?

Facilitation is more about preparation and empathy than about expertise. Good facilitators plan and guide sessions, share what they know, ask great questions, and are ready to learn from their peers.

The good facilitators:

  • Are great conversation starters
  • Connect with the group
  • Create a safe space for interaction without bias
  • Create inclusive conversations
  • Are good listeners
  • They build a clear outline for the session but they know how to allow flexibility
  • Have a clear outcome in mind - they know what they’d like people to learn
  • They know what they can realistically cover in the time available and are great at managing time

Do the facilitators receive a fee?

Facilitators whose ideas are selected for the programme will receive a fee.

Would you like to propose and facilitate or co-facilitate a session?

Fill in the corresponding information in the following form:

What are the activities or exercises you would like to include in your session? (max. 600 characters)
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Note: Merging sessions on similar topics will help us involve more folks as facilitators. If we see an opportunity to merge a session, we will coordinate with both parties.